Quick and easy VPN solution

VPN technology, a technology with characteristics like safe transmission, quick connection and high price performance that have promoted its rapid development, establishes a point to point security specific virtual network on public Internet. At present, it has been widely used in the Internet. Most enterprises cannot do without VPN technology.

With the ever-growing user network size, hundreds of network nodes are commonplace. Security and confidentiality requirements for data transmission due to the movement of enterprise data to the cloud environment and the higher and higher user service requirements for network quality have exerted heavy pressure on network maintenance personnel. The complicated maintenance of conventional VPN network is a part of that pressure. 

Construction bottleneck of conventional VPN


Design of ABT quick and easy VPN networking solution


The whole solution framework breaks the difficulties in usability and stability of traditional VPN technically by unified management of sending configuration through centralized management platform, online zero configuration in branches and convergence of flow of interest dynamically through service adjustment. Intelligent path choice ensures the best tunnel path is chosen among multiple link exits and zero service interrupt in tunnels is realized in HA switching. Workload of maintenance personnel and pressure on stability are greatly lowered.

Main features of the solution

blob.pngSimple, easy and low difficulty

The whole configuration only needs three steps of configuration on a page and the tunnel can automatically establish interconnection. Network or service adjustment only needs one step and two devices can declared a segment automatically. Dynamic adaptation between networks is actually achieved without manual intervention, which significantly relieved pressure and workload exerted on maintenance personnel.

blob.pngCentralized control

With the ABT centralized management platform, you don’t have to ask professional personnel for on-site installation. Just register the configuration on the platform in advance, the system will automatically send configuration as well as update versions and feature library, realizing online VPN quick zero configuration without real-time operation.

blob.pngIntelligent path choice backup for multi-outlet tunnels

Multiple path choice policies like preferred line, backup line and load mode can be configured on the central end device. According to the operator of the outlet, a certain path choice policy is sent to the corresponding branch. Two ways of the path shall be the same to avoid inter-operator delay.

blob.pngZero Service interruption in HA switch

In network scenes with rigid stability demands, ABT’s unique VPN zero packet loss technology realizes zero interruption in TCP service. The leading technology in the industry relieves administrators.

blob.pngWireless network tunnel interconnection

In places covered by wired network, VPN interconnection with the headquarters is usually conducted by wired network and 3/4G wireless network works as backup line; in places without wired network, 3/4G wireless network works as the main line to realize VPN interconnection

blob.pngUnified and centralized management

Equipment of the whole network is managed centrally. Equipment state is monitored and warned real-time. Mission configuration sending and equipment smart upgrade are carried out periodically.