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  • Grasp behaviors and fine management Deep behavior management & analysis
    • Identity management & audit of Internet APPs beyond 95%

    • Abundant graphical and report representation methods

    • Showing user ID, network behaviors through the uniform access and behavior track

    • Comprehensive multidimensional traffic management capability

  • Multiple functions for policy formulation Application traction
    Multiple paths for selection and control:
    Research team of SPOS always configure shortest path algorithm
    High-performance load-balance policy:
    Session maintenance, session multiplexing, and other delivery means
    Adaptive to complex Master-slave design:
    The load balancing of hundreds of links
    Powerful load balancing capacity:
    Assessing the link quality capable of configuring abundant automatic detection algorithms
  • Explore the unknown area Security visualization of key services
    • Discover unknown Apps in Intranet:Powerful App identification engine and service customization team

    • Clarify the disordered flow:Backtrack according to traffic history to restore event site

    • Rapidly discover network problem:Modeling of abnormal behaviors, diversified warnings and clear working interfaces

    • Visualized traffic and services:Traffic and service process are shown graphically

  • Identity management through the uniform access Uniform identity certification access
    • Login incorporated in different access modes,such as account, CA, Wechat, short message, APP, etc.

    • Process customization and authentication:Separation between submission authority and approval authority

    • Cross-region insensitive perception:Login right extends on the basis of identity factor

    • Free layout and flexible switching:Multiple modes and services for selection and ordering as required

  • Integrate high performance in virtue of cloud NFV
    • SPOS embedded cloud platform:Platform independent virtualized deployment

    • Uniform scheduling and migration management:Multi-system fusion and integrated management

    • Multi-customers service isolation and parallelism:Infrastructure multiplexing and OS-level physically isolation

    • Cloud computing platform protection:Realization of compliance requirements in cloud environment and threat defense

    • Excellent performance based on DPDK:Excellent performance due to breakthrough in hardware

  • Software defined security SDN--SPOS based on SDN
    • V-Gateway:Delivery through Openflow Controller APP and control data separation

    • Dynamic management and allocation of resources:Optimize allocation and recovery algorithms to utilize resources to the maximum degree and realize uniform scheduling

    • Module logic separation customization:Separated customization of OS function module logics is supported

    • Powerful information query and analysis & integration capability:The east-west and south-north traffic paths as well as broadcast mechanisms are optimized

  • Easy interconnection and reliable operation Automated smart IPsec+
    • Definition of IPsec 1.5 phase:The exclusive intermediate status based on the traditional 1/2 stage

    • XML private protocol interaction message:Efficient, rapid and reliable interaction mechanism

    • Zero-configuration requirement for a network element newly established on line:Registration mechanism and configuration issuance and user concept isolation

    • Uninterrupted HA swapping:IPsec protocol stack status synchronization, which is independently developed within the industry

    • No operation & maintenance is needed for business change:Similar dynamic routing protocol is declared in real time without manual intervention

  • Ensure public security Public WLAN Internet access management & control
    • Public Internet security certification authorized by the Ministry of Public Security:

    Seamless connection to public security platform

    • WiFi marketing as per client’s requirement and current scenario

    Compulsory promotion of APPs, Wechat subdivision and Ad push

    • Protect the users and customers while using WiFi, and ensure various securities:

    Public opinion security, asset security, sensitive information security and data security

    • Mass deployment and centralized operation & maintenance:

    Powerful centralized control capability, region & group management concept, and uniform cloud control for client access

  • Cloud services for isolation and multiplexing Cloud service resource pool
    • Infrastructure resource multiplexing: A set of infrastructure is shared by multiple parties

    • Multi-customers configuration, service isolation and independent operation

    • Cloud services as required to facilitate migration and expansion

    • SaaS is realized as value-added services, so that users can purchase these services flexibly and effective immediately