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Based on the ideology "collaboration and win-win" idea, ABT is dedicated to integrating upstream and downstream resources of network security industry through SPOS and establishing ecological collaborative network security, to provide customized solutions for the customers in a variety of industries and creating scopes for greater business value for existing partners. SPOS has an excellent cross-platform adaptability, abundant security functional modules and comprehensively open interfaces. Moreover, there are many large-scale industrial application practices and continuous R&D investment for it. New ecological collaborative network security mainly has the following advantages, based on the assumption of SPOS:

Wider resource integration scope

The products, programs, service suppliers and other types of partners in the new ecology, are allowed to flexibly select different software & hardware platforms and cooperation modes on the basis of SPOS to serve users of various industries exists.

Lower innovation costs

Based on SPOS, the partners in the new ecology, complementarily benefits mutually, significantly lowering the innovation costs of products, programs and services. Compared to the traditional network security field of innovation model, the new eco-partner innovation in the marginal cost will present more than 30% of the accelerated reduction.

Quicker value creation

Based on SPOS, the partners in the new ecology will rapidly be able to respond to the emerging needs of industrial users. The new products, programs and services can occupy the emerging market rapidly and create higher commercial value because of their launch period will be shortened by 50% or more compared to the former one.