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Cloud security controller

Security Controller, under the ABT cloud security product line with north-south interface access capabilities, is mainly used for the application system docking and security product scheduling management.Adopting the open architecture, it separates the control level and entity forwarding data, and provides the access and control of third party for the data centers in the network environments of network, public cloud and private cloud under the virtual trend of service scenarios such as the operator, enterprise and government.

ABT cloud security solution architecture

ABT Security Controller product can mainly achieve the access of the third-party security capabilities, and cooperate with the mainstream network vendors to realize the integration and compatibility of third-party security capabilities with the main features of security policy layout and security asset management. At the same time, ABT security controller product can also dock with the third-party cloud management platform to parse the user configuration and call the SDN controller to achieve service chain management.

ABT, as one of the founding units of the industry cloud security alliance, also plays an important role in the industry cloud security solutions. ABT Security Controller product is one of the components of the industry cloud alliance and industry cloud security solutions, and its primary role is to ensure that this solution is compatible with third-party security capabilities.


Security Controller

The Security Controller product interfaces with the application system on the northbound interface, such as the broadband service operating system of the operator, the network management system of the financial institution and the security management systems in the private cloud environment, etc., when there is a need for users to purchase value-added services or a change to the network security policy, it accepts the instructions from the application system. On the southbound interface, ABT Security Controller can schedule the NFV products of ABT and third-party vendors, and carry out policy delivery and management of ABT and third-party vendors' NFV products, with the good third-party capability compatibility. The open architecture of the Security Controller provides an open interface to the upper layer, realizing easy scheduling of the underlying security capabilities, flexible expansion, convergence and scheduling, and meeting the needs of different virtualized scenarios.

Flexible choice of VSG and VAG

In the southbound interface, the ABT Security Controller supports service scheduling for VSG or VAG products. In terms of security capabilities, regardless of the deep security gateway or the integration application gateway products, virtualization products and physical products keeping consistency in software functions can respectively provide comprehensive threat defense capabilities and application layer management capabilities. Users can choose according to their service needs. 

Advantages of ABT product

  • The applicability of the solution is good, the NFV products that can be deployed under multiple modes can use most of the mainstream virtualization platforms

  • The solution with good third-party capability compatibilitycan be integrated with the products of a number of security vendors in the cloud security alliance, the universality is strong

  • The mature and stablesolutionhas been deployed in the DT Dream and practical applications

  • Combined with ABT overall solutions, the product can help users achieve cloud security regulations

  • The product is designated by the cloud security alliance.