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Data analysis and operation  platform



In the ever-changing level of enterprise information today, how to use technology to quickly continue to enhance their core competitiveness of enterprises is one of the most important issues in the daily operation. ABT has long been aware of the industry opportunities brought by the arrival of big data, and planned the cloud platform in early stage, introduced the ABT data analysis and operation & maintenance platform and achieved good reputation with leading data mining and analysis capability and centralized management capability in the industry.

ABT data analysis and operation & maintenance platform is convenient for users’ centralized deployment and monitoringin the common headquarter-branch network. Using the terminals as tentacles,it can also implement unified and centralized management and data collection analysis, quality of service detection, unified upgrade of feature library, content and application cache and centralized identity authentication, etc., so as to protect the core service and give allowfull play to the advantages of cloud-side.


Mass data storage capability

The data analysis and operation & maintenance platform uses unique column storage technology to achieve the merging of same column of data through the distributed processing software architecture, it can realize reliable and efficient storage to mass data, the storage capability is 10 times of the general database, saving a lot of data storage costs for users.

High-speed computing and data query

The data analysis and operation & maintenance platform, through the distributed cluster, parallelss processing capabilities and speeds up processing speed. Relying on high-speed data analysis engine, at the data retrieval speed of 8 times higher than the general database query capabilities, it can achieve second-level query speed and 50 million seconds of query speed to mass data, and support fuzzy matching and data tracking.

Diversified data presentation, and multi-dimensional data association

The data analysis and operation & maintenance platform can intuitively display the data internal association by forms, trends, reports, pie charts, dynamic data and other diversified data presentations so that customers can intuitively feel the data value and provided with effective management means for service development and other practical operations. The platform can analyze the IT data and associate diversified formatted data, effectively organize and coordinate the analysis, dig out the value of data points, enhance the company's insight and profitability for enterprises, and provide strong guarantee for enterprise to obtain sustainable competitive advantages.

Centralized policy management

The data analysis and operation & maintenance platform with the centralized policy management capability, cooperation help administrators escape from the bitter sea to build new 7-tuple strategies and distribute them to all equipment in batch, and greatly reduce the workload of the operation & maintenance personnel to achieve the efficient management maintenancefor customers with a large number of branches, such as the government, and financial, power and large-sized enterprises.

Accurate audit monitoring

The data analysis and operation & maintenance platform can accurately position each user's Internet behavior through the collection of websites browsed by and contents published by the users and combined with user authentication system. For the mobile terminal Internet behavior audit of non-real-name authentication, the monitoring function can achieve comprehensive audit from the "full three-dimensions" - users, applications and equipment, each dimension can be used for fine-grained query based on time, application, traffic direction, users and equipment, and can automatically generate the trend and user TOP N ranking, the three-dimensional presentation of network traffic help users quickly grasp the network problems.

Rich service report

The data analysis and operation & maintenance platform, with rich service reporting functions, can not only easily master the equipment running status, but also meet compliance requirements, operation & maintenance reports, work summary and other management needs. It supports traffic statements, Internet behavior reports, keyword reports, user consolidated reports, and other massive reports, supports the definition of statements based on user and application and multi-device, and also support reports of different dimensions of the day, week, month and year and of custom time range. According to services’ built-in statements, it can convert the intangible work into an intuitive chart for work reports, thereby reducing the amount of maintenance and improving management efficiency.