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ID authentication & content management 


ABT identity authentication and content management platform provides multiple authentication methods forthe cloud-centric services, such as theWeChatWiFi connection, SMS and Web account password authentication. It solves the common needs of centralized identity authentication through integration, achieves identity data source unity through the integration with user's application system, and provides multiple differential value-added services. Through the flexible identity authentication management and combination, as well as deep customization of authentication pages, it provides good user experience of identity authentication.

In terms of advertising push, ABT identity authentication and content management platform, providing multiple sets of advertising templates, can customizemultiple playback modes, insertion locations, return addresses and push frequencies, and push different advertising pages based on different user areas, user groups, and user access methods, so as to achieve highly-customized precision marketing.


Convenient and switchable identity authentication

ABT identity authentication and content management platform supports multiple authentication methods of WeChatWiFi connection, Web user name and password, SMS, etc. All of the three authentication methods support real-name system authentication, and can be extended to APP running/login authentication to provide integrated identity authentication product solutions. With multiple authentication methods, users can freely switch and select identity authentication methods on the portal page. The multiple options for users can more cater tousers’ habits and improve their experience.

Beautiful and customizable authentication pages

ABT identity authentication and content management platform can realize the sub-regional and more detailed page customization, and solve the requirements for same parts in the push page for different classifications and domains and different parts in the push page. Users can select one or several authentication methods, and define the priority. A number of authentication templates for user selection can help users promote the latest marketing information.

Cross-regional non-sense authentication

ABT identity authentication and content management platform can support the recording of users’ terminal information after the successful user identity authentication, and flexiblycustomize the cycle. The same user does not need to be re-certified during the non-sense authenticationcycle. The three authentication methods support independent non-sense authentication without any impact on each other.

Comprehensive advertising push

ABT identity authentication and content management platform provides a number of fine local advertising templates. Users can add the desired template through the predefined template to easily customize the advertising page, set multiple rotation modes and intervals for advertising playback, and select the insertion location flexibly and conveniently. The advertising page can be pushed in different manners according to different users/SSID/devices, allowing the advanced users to directly use HTML coding advertising page.

System integration and value-added services

ABT identity authentication and content management platform can be integrated with the user's service system, synchronizing the user identity information and permissions, and then synchronizing the information to other devices, so as to provide differential value-added services according to the actual needs of users, it provides users with different bandwidth policies, marketing pages and access permissions for users from different user groups and of different permissions.


Multi-tenant service isolation and concurrency

ABT identity authentication and content management platform, using isolation technology, isolates data from different users to ensure data integrity and security, can support the use of integrated service strategies for different users to push different contents, completely put an end to security risks and allow high-performanceconcurrency of multi-tenant services.