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Deep security gateway



ABT deep security gateway of SG-8000 series (hereinafter referred to as “SG-8000”), with an advanced high-performance multi-core architecture, an autonomous and controllable operating system, a hardware platform with rich interfaces, as well as comprehensive network characteristic support (such as intelligent routing) and double active-standby function, can guarantee efficient and reliable service processing and comprehensive and flexible scene support. Equipped with the WAF-level intrusion prevention and virus protection function of unique real-time virus blocking technology, it forms a smart strategic linkage with IPS equipment, and achieves the in-depth analysis on the users, applications and contents through the security detection engine and application identification of single-path parallel processing, so as to provide users with the secure, intelligent, integrated protection system. SG-8000 is the best choice for the next-generation network security protection product.


Flexible, efficient and comprehensive, enabling rich scene support

Equipped with an autonomous and controllable SPOS firewall system and integrating rich network characteristics, SG-8000 together with DDNS and intelligent routing can realize flexible networking in a variety of complex network environments such as 802.1Q, GRE, RIP, OSPF and BGP in addition to meeting the requirements of IPv4/IPv6 dual protocol stack; it can integrate with a third-party system and share data, thereby enhancing service value. Due to its excellent adaptability, SG-8000 product can apply to a variety of complex scenes, and can better meet service needs. The leading multi-core architecture and distributed search and detection engine, combined with high-performance processors and multi-service parallel processing, can ensure that SG-8000 still has capabilities of fast, efficient service processing and protection in a variety of large traffic and complex application environments.

SG-8000 product integrates the firewall, load balancing, intrusion prevention, virus filtering, application identification, behavior control, VPN access, service visualization and security authentication providing users with a flexible, efficient and comprehensive network solution

Professional intelligent linkage, enabling more secure three-dimensional protection

SG-8000 has the WAF-level intrusion prevention function of more than 3,000 pre-defined attack characteristics and the virus protection function of unique real-time virus blocking technology for massive virus characteristics and efficient engine; combined with the IPS device, it can form an intelligent policy linkage, carry out real-time traffic analysis, effectively block the network attacks and virus behavior from the data link layer to the application layer and synchronize attack events with the administrator by mail in real time. In this way, it can protect the user's key data and avoid disclosure of confidential documents and economic losses in an all-round, three-dimensional manner.

Deep data identification, enabling finer behavior control

The employees who conduct behavior not related to the service during the working hours will undoubtedly reduce the working efficiency. Improper speech accidentally made by them will bring the risk of public opinion to the enterprise and negative impact on the image and reputation of the enterprise. SG-8000 product, using DPI/DFI fusion recognition technology, can recognize the built-in actions of the application deeply through a comprehensive analysis on the user traffic. For example, it can recognize up to 12 actions inWeChat. The SG-8000 product can prevent employees from surfing the Internet for entertainment, while helping enterprises and units intercept bad speech in time. The network is more orderly through the application of fine management.

Bandwidth optimization management, enabling quicker user experience

SG-8000 can help the managers of an organization understand the current and historical bandwidth resource utilization of the organization, accordingly develop a bandwidth management policy and verify the effectiveness of the policy. It can not only guarantee the bandwidth required for core users and core services in the working hours and limit the occupation of resources by unrelated services, but also can achieve dynamic allocation when the bandwidth is in idle state, so as to achieve the full utilization of resources and enhance the user experience in using the network. The pipeline traffic control based on different time periods, different objects and different applications can effectively guarantee the user's Internet experience and ensure the stability of the network.

Centralized and unified control, enabling more convenient network operation & maintenance

SG-8000 uses the integrated security policy, and the administrator may realize the unified control on the application, URL, intrusion prevention and virus killing by just one policy. It is easy to use and maintain. In the large-scale deployment, the ABT centralized management system can be used to realize zero configuration online, unified policy management, service change self-learning, attack event monitoring, attack event analysis and report analysis for distributed SG-8000, greatly reducing the network changedifficulty and simplify the operation & maintenance tasks.