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Converged application gateway



ABT AG-6000 application gateway (hereinafter referred to as "AG-6000") is an industry-leading integrated application gateway product independently developed by Beijing ABT Technology Co., Ltd. for SME, data centers, large-scale network boundaries and industry centers and branches. It can conduct 2- to 7-layer comprehensive inspection and analysis,deeply identify, control and audit nearly a thousand kinds of IM chat software, P2P download software, stock software, online game applications, streaming media online video applications and other common applications, and provide strong bandwidth management features using intelligent traffic control, intelligent blocking and intelligent routing technologies. Combined with the fine management functions of innovative network application behaviorand clear, manageable log functions, it provides the most comprehensive,perfect network behavior management solutions in the industry.


Quick deployment

When multiple branch networks need to be connected, how to achieve rapid deployment and unified management of services has been the most troublesome problem of network operation &maintenance. Combined with ABTcentralized management platform, AG-6000can realize the rapid service deployment. The equipment of the branches can automatically download configurations from the centralized management platform after being connected with a network cable andto the external network, and the loading process is about 1 minute, without need of the professionalsbeing present, thereby substantially saving the deployment costs of headquarter-branch network.

Full identity authentication

  • Orientedto user requirements, ABT realizes rich identity authentication means:

  • Local authentication:Web authentication, user name/password authentication, IP/ MAC/IP-MAC binding;

  • Single sign on:AD domain, ABT AAA system, third-party system, etc.;

  • Third-party authentication:RADIUS, LDAP, etc.;

  • APP authentication:No data center software required, no APP modificationrequired, avoiding the coordination and communication costs;

  • WeChat authentication:To connect the merchant’s WIFI, "One-click WeChat connection to WIFI" will automatically pop up and the WeChat public number is followed;

Fine web application management

The control level of ABT application gateway product is no longer limited to the network application blocking, but deeply recognizes the built-in actions of applications. For example, the control onSinaWeibois not only the login action, but also identify the logout, posting, commenting, forwarding, following and search actions.It can also identify more than 12 kinds of behavioral actions in WeChat, making the network more orderly through fine management on applications.

Fine bandwidth management

AG-6000 product, using intelligent traffic control, intelligent blocking and intelligent routing technologies, divides the network exit bandwidth into logical channel, and supports the further division of sub-channels in the channel, so as to realize perfect bandwidth limitations and bandwidth guarantee. It also supports the distribution of complex network traffic to different network exits for forwarding. Therefore, it is the best tool of the enterprise to enhance the bandwidth utilization and protect the bandwidth investment.

Effective internet marketing

AG-6000 innovatively caches APP in the local device. It pushes it when the user directly downloads it, and files in dozens of M can be downloaded in a few seconds, greatly enhancing the bandwidth utilization while greatly accelerating and enhancing the user experience. Besides, it supports the cacheof iOS and Android APP, leading in the industry. With low-cost investment, it opens up a new direction for the customer's terminal marketing. Combined with APP identity authentication, it can force the promotion ofmerchants’APPs, improve the merchants’ APP installation rate, and have more potential users.

AG-6000 supports the function of pushing advertisements to users. Advertisement push, as an application in the e-commerce marketing stage, is featured by flexibility, interactivity and accurate target audiences, so as to greatly reduce the cost of advertising investment. The advertisement push serves for a large number of advertisers, pushing the Internet advertising to the appropriate consumers in an appropriate manner, so that the advertisement push is more accurate and the conversion rate is higher.

Clear post audit

AG-6000AG-6000 product supports detailed, clear, easy-to-use log features, which can fully record and audit the users’ online behavior, used traffic, accessed site, terminal system and device type and platform used. The log supports custom filter and searches can be made by IP address, authenticated user, access application, access URL and posts, so that the post audit is time-saving and effort-saving. It can support the configuration to HTTPS and mailbox decryption policy. At the same time, AG-6000 product provides rich, beautiful statements, which intuitively reflect the network running conditions in the forms of histograms, pie charts and percentages, so that the network management planning is evidence-based and targeted.