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Company Introduction

Beijing ABT Networks Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ABT Networks”), established in 2007, is dedicated to the product and technical services of new generation of network application security and data analysis, by focusing on the idea of “SECURITY INSIGHTVALUE EXPERIENCE”. It is a leading practitioner in the world of visualizing network security, pioneering itself in the field of embedded network security system and features library security services in China. Its self-developed  Security Platform Operation System (”SPOS” for short)is widely integrated transforming the next generation of firewalls and application security gateway products of many first-line manufacturers at present.

Over the past years of development, ABT Networks has organized a high-quality R&D and operating team mainly composed of young and middle-aged science & technology elites. Now ABT Networks owns more than 20 top strategic cooperation partners and a customer network covering over 50,000 enterprises, and it has compounded annual growth rate reached to 80%. The Company has formed series of multiple product regarding deep security gateways, integrated application gateways, data analysis, comprehensive operation & maintenance platforms, etc. These wide range of products are mainly applied in customer service scenes, including operating-service networks, campus networks, network operators, WiFi security operation, large-scale industrial intranets, etc. and successfully applied in government, finance, telecom operator, education, enterprise and other industrial fields.

To realize the Company's vision - "Become the leader in visualized network security technology", ABT Networks keeps track of industrial trends, responding to fast customer business changes to providing excellent service experiences and enhancing the value in network security. Adhering to the "Open cooperation and create a new ecology" development idea, ABT Networks and Institute of Information Engineering of CAS jointly held the first Visualized Network Security Technology Forum ("VNSTech" for short). It also initiated and founded "Alliance of Visualized Network Security Technology" recognized by authorities and enterprises in the network security industry; concurrently, ABT Networks joined the Private Cloud Security Technology Alliance ("PCSA" for short), and held the first China Private Cloud Security Technology Forum as one of the alliance sponsors. ABT Networks aims at playing key roles together with industrial security enterprises, integrating various security product capabilities, and contributing to the technical development of network security continuously.

At the end of five years'time span, divert this company into hundred million-RMB gross-turnover enterprise,

The pioneer of next-generation security application management products service provider, 

Basic ability: pioneer service provider of next-generation deep network defense system (SPOS - Base),

Extended ability: consistent researcher of effective security policy and path visualizer of middle-ware platform (SPOS - Trace)

Integrated ability: Comprehensive implementation of secure application management platform (SPOS - App).

Security Insight Value experience

  • In 2011
    • Took the lead in practicing visualized security concept in China;

    • Commercially launched the first Security Platform Operation System (SPOS) in China;

  • In 2012
    • Launched the new generation online high-performance behavior management and audit system;

    • Launched the centralized management and data analysis platform with simplified operation & maintenance;

  • In 2013
    • The self-developed SPOS was flexibly deployed and adapted in the cross-platforms among MIPS, X86, Loongson, ARM, virtual machine, etc.;

    • Took the lead to launch the next generation of high-density and high-performance firewalls (1U, 40G);

  • In 2014
    • Released the idea of "SECURITY INSIGH TVALUE EXPERIENCE", which were recognized by many renowned Academicians;

    • Launched security and behavior analysis solutions for operating network, boosting domestic financial institutions, supermarkets, hotels, etc. to take the lead in practicing "Internet security +" strategy;

  • In 2015
    • Launched the visualized "cloud + end" V-BOC&G platform architecture for business oriented enterprises ;

    • Launched WiFi quick certification and security audit solution, which obtained the sales license of Information Security Management System for Internet Access in Public Service Places (WiFi access front end) issued by the Ministry of Public Security;

    • Launched the large-scale industrial intranet service analysis and security audit system solution;

  • In 2016
    • Developed the deep security gateway for important information systems in key fields together with Institute of Information Engineering of CAS;

    • Launched the security policy adaptive analysis and visualized platform products; 

    • Jointly held the first Visualized Network Security Technology Forum ("VNSTech" for short) together with Institute of Information Engineering of CAS, and initiated and founded "Alliance of Visualized Network Security Technology";

    • ABT Networks joined the industrial (Private) Cloud Security Enterprises Alliance ("PCSA" for short), and held the first China Industrial (Private) Cloud Security Technology Forum as one of the alliance sponsors;

    • ABT Networks was enlisted onto the Stock market. Stock Code: 839570

    • ABT Networks was selected as the Telecom and Internet Industry Network Security pilot demonstration project;

  • In 2017

    Participate the 2017 RSA Conference;

    Award new vigorous entriprise prize of information security in 2017;

    be cited as the top 50 of Information security industry;